Anna Friberg
Anna Friberg

Earrings 02

These h0rn earrings are handmade in my workshop in Copenhagen. The h0rn is heatbended around the silver/gold and thereby combines the two materials without the use of glue.


Each piece is created individually and is one of a kind. Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

You can describe the desired h0rn colour more detailed in the “Order Notes” field when going to checkout.

kr. 2.600,00kr. 5.900,00


This collection takes a starting point in h0rn as a material and how our use of this material has changed over time. Both through a bigger perspective where most h0rn today is an unused byproduct of our meat production, but also through a material focused perspective, which is about working with the qualities of the h0rn and showing that h0rn can be valuable and unique.

Additional information

Beige, Black, Brown, Green, Pattern, Yellow


14 carat gold, 925 silver

Colour and measurements

Colour and measurements

All horn pieces have their unique color and are one of a kind. If you wish to see examples of different colours I have in stock, dont hestitate to write an email to

Each earring measures approximately:
40mm x 12mm

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